What to do if you’re tasked with updating the site this month

*Make sure you’ve already got an electronic version of the calednar (either scanned version or a document of some sort).


approve the ones that aren’t porn.

*Also don’t hesitate to delete some that are old if you want.

Update the Calendar

-Go to the existing calendars page

-take out the inaccurate month and sub in the accurate version

ex. November’s Calendar would get November deleted and December

subbed in to make “December’s Calendar”

-Click on Upload/Insert image which is the first gif on the right of the tab titled such above the text box.

-Upload the appropriate images

-Add new class locations via the Class Map.


When saving a page, note that you can

-choose to allow comments or not underneath the discussion tab

-Choose visibility setting as public (anyone can see it) or private (only folks with wordpress accounts can see which is SUPER easy to get).

-save the page as a draft so you can edit it until it’s ready to be published.

-You can also edit the actual date and time it gets published if you click on edit next to the “publish immediately” tab

-Connect pages to parent pages by clicking on the draw down tab under the attributes heading. This will place your page under a heading of another relative page. They can also be changed at any time you’d like as well.


-Much like pages, just go to Add New

-Write down the name of the page, give the full “http://www.whatever.com” address, and if you want a description. Descriptions will pop up when someone hovers their mouse over a link for a moment.


One Response to “What to do if you’re tasked with updating the site this month”

  1. I was going to e-mail the URL for the site to a friend in Philadelphia, when I notice that you have several typos in the site “about” blurb, “Knowledge” is misspelled. As is “various”, and the obvious missing capitalization of Louisville KY.

    Welcome to the line, An autonomous network of knowlage, skills, and resources. We are based out of louisville ky and have classes in varios locations throughout the city. to get involved email the line@riseup.net, post in the skill share databank, or just show up to a class, or better yet just start a class and post it here.

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