Skill share databank

What are some things you can teach? What are things you would like to learn? this is a place where you can find out what others have intrest in, and find people to study with.

Like a classified board for free education and knowledge.

emails are kept private to secure peoples identity, please contact the line for information in connecting with someone or comment back. please indicate how you would like to be contacted (note supplying your personal info may put you at risk) {we have yet to work out the details of how to deal with this section…

(always use public (with people around)locations for private classes and bring friends with you, meeting people only through the Internet can be sketchy)

(comment to participate)


5 Responses to “Skill share databank”

    I would like someone to help me learn some basic drumming. hope fully someone that can go slow and let me make mistakes with out overpowering. I learn well by watching and then trying. Have very little experience, but like to mess around with rhythms. if you have the patience I have the desire.


    -sewing (hand or machine)
    -cooking (vegetarian/vegan)
    -fire breathing
    -zines (writing, editing, compiling, laying out, distributing, etc)
    -discussing issues such as sexual assault, trauma, consent, etc
    -knitting basic stuff (headbands, scarves)


    -bike maintenance/repair

  3. Need someone who knows how to swim to critique my stroke. I’ve gotten sloppy over that past few months. i can do the same for others.

  4. skills:
    -diy bioremediation stuff
    -organic gardening (moderate)
    -landscaping with medicinal/precolonial/edible stuff
    -anti-oppression trainings

    want to learn
    -higher level herbalism (and brush up of basics)
    -how to play guitar
    -how to make fire
    -“primitive skills” whatever those are to you

  5. skills:
    * welding
    * potters wheel (novice)
    * programming: PHP/JS/HTML/CSS – can train
    * linux / windows – basic computer whatever
    * basic carpentry (intermediate)
    * juggling
    want to learn:
    * gardening
    * better construction/renovation skills

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