Get involved

Want to be a part of the line?

  1. FREE school potlucks (once a month) are a good way to get to know folks
  2. Come to a class
  3. request a class
  4. set up a study group, organize it here or over the list or in person
  5. set up a class and email a description to get it on the calendar
  6. find people to teach, and places to have classes
  7. set up a presentation about freeschooling for your group or school



One Response to “Get involved”

  1. I have a free school class for you. Come to the Louisville Singing School. I’m sure you’ve heard of Sacred Harp singing, an old, American style of Shape-note singing. If you ain’t heard of it, please go to . Its a preview for a wonderful documentary about Sacred Harp Singing.

    You can find More the Merrier Sacred Harp group on Facebook.

    I’d like to invite all the free school people to participate in Sacred Harp Singing with Louisville’s More the Merrier Sacred Harp group. It only started a few months ago, and its been great to do. Of course, as you’ll see in the video, Sacred Harp is traditionally a very religious thing, but for all of us at More the Merrier, its not about worship and the like. In fact, with the larger Sacred Harp community, its not necessarily about worship, so don’t let that frighten you or keep you from coming.

    Its a real powerful and fun thing. We get together Sunday night from 6 to 9 pm, have a potluck for about an hour, sing for one hour, take a break, and sing again for another hour.

    This week, the 22nd of February, we’ll be meeting at 1017 Rogers St., right behind Phoenix Hill Tavern at the house of Aleve Douglas. Just show up, or you can email me for directions, . -FA SOL LA

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