All about the line

The Louisville Intercommunial

Network for Education (the LINE)

Is a free school project based on decentralized autonomous networking. It is a fairly new project, classes have been happening since November 07.

Classes are held in community centers, churches, libraries, parks, shops, homes, abandoned lots…………… and are organized through a monthly calender put together by the participants at the end of each month. classes are open to anyone and are always free of cost (although a donation for materials may be suggested depending on the class needs)

this is a brand new site and may seem confusing at first while we work though format. please use these suggestions to help navigate around. If you would like a basic orientation on how to contribute to this site please email, anyone is welcome to add content pertaining to “the line” project.

HOW TO USE this site

  • you can use the drop down menu on the left to find posts by category.
  • to find class schedule and latest updates go to the calender page (this is also where you should leave comments about class changes) to find class locations click the class map link.
  • eventually each class (or catogory of classes) will have its own page for specific information and class descriptions (for now please refer to the calendar)
  • skill share databank is a classifieds style page for people looking to make connections for the purpose of sharing knowledge
  • If you have a moment drop in on the roll call post and speak your mind or just check in

Contact for more info


One Response to “All about the line”

  1. Personally, I really really like this. Using the internet generally works well for me, as I’m on here often enough to check out what’s going on. I like the idea of using less paper (not only for the obvious environmental reasons, but also because my life/pockets get very cluttered with papers) and think that this has excellent potential!

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