Urban gardening


One Response to “Urban gardening”

  1. *Hello,
    We have so much to do!! Its rained a lot this year and everyone knows what
    that means…WEEDS. We’ve laid carpet on a lot of the ground but we’ve got
    weeds growing everywhere. Also, the junk pick up people came and picked up
    our compost bin. We need to build a new one. We need to lay mulch…there is
    so much work to be done. Every Wednesday is garden day from 6-9pm, but on
    Tuesday July 29th and Wednesday July 30th from 4-9pm BOTH days we will be
    having garden workdays. Please come and pick some food and help clean up
    Smoketown Garden.
    *Build compost bin
    *Weed all beds
    *Weed eat
    *Stake and tie up tomatoes
    *pick up garbage
    *build bins for 50 gallon drums to irrigate

    So, bring any tools you may have, plenty of water, and yourself and come to
    Smoketown. If you need directions, email us.

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