radical reading group

Discussions for febuary

held this month at cards cafe 1451 s first st

  • The Call feb 10th 5 pm <!– @page { size: 8.5in 11in; margin: 0.79in } P { margin-bottom: 0.08in } –>

“The youth are waiting, day after day. They wait for their time; as do the workers, even the old. They all wait, those who are discontented and those who reflect. They are waiting for a force to arise, something they will be part of; a kind of new international that will not make the same mistakes as the previous ones. They wait for a chance to get rid of the past once and for all – for something new to begin. WE HAVE BEGUN.”
by the Invisible Committee
Print or read from site below (in zine format) or contact razorbladesleep@riseup.net for a copy.


  • Gender galaxy feb 25th 5pm

There are as many different ways to be female and as many different ways to be male and as many different ways to be neither female nor male as there are stars in the sky. People make infinitely different choices about their bodies, about their genitals, and about and identities. Read about a non-linear way of seeing gender that has space for everyone, from faggy ftm’s to butch mtfs, fierce femmes, genderqueer bois, and everyone all around. This is also a good trans 101.

read the text online


One Response to “radical reading group”

  1. Ecological Economics is a reading and discussion group based around a new instructional text which revisits Malthus and re-applies Whole Earth Value of Humans and Nature as elements of natural cyclical balance. We are currently interested in gathering at a time when folks have the ability to meet for an hour or two a week… Every 2 weeks would be fine as well. Our current initiative is to study for LEED Certification in New Construction Architectural Applications as a part of personally embracing energy reform and local zoning applications.

    Current interests of the group seem to be direct application of economic theory locally as well as globally with consideration to environmental reforms. Anyone interested is welcome to call and explore dialogue times and alternative forms of application/interaction. Thanks… Green Collective Folk

    502/303-2497 semplecity@yahoo.com

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