Movie nites

Each month there seems to be at least 1 movie nite. This month there are 6! if you have movies that you would like to watch in a group setting or a great place to show films, comment below. these movie are often at peoples homes, but they are open to anyone. Movies are a great conversation starter, and the laid back atmosphere makes these good places to meet folks, if you haven’t been to a free school class before this could be a good place to start.

two are queer, gender fking, trans movie nites- these are intended to be a space for queer folk to get together, as well as an exucuse to watch good movies. If you have any sugestions for queer movies contact, post a comment here, or show up with ideas.

Paris is burning along with a class called intro to the ball scene and discussion will be presented on feb 21st 5pm 1250 s brook st.


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