March 26th 5pm cards cafe

1st and burnett

But if anyone wants to make stuff you can comment below to meet up


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  1. hi!
    we’re hosting a nude figure drawing session friday, december 19, from 7-9:30. bring your own supplies. a $10 donation to the model and the space would be appreciated.

  2. There will be a class at 6pm January 28th at

    Creativity’s First Hand will be exploring refurbishing items with paint. Drawing, Color Theory and multiple surface paint application will be the discussion. February will be Fiber month for folk interested in Batik and Image Transfer.

    KYWAC… KY Women’s Art Collective will be hosting supplies check out on January 28th as well. 7pm

    NOTE: We are looking to have a renovated space to work in as a part of our Service Learning Day on January 19th

    Heres the details:

    Brick House Community Center MLK Day of Service

    January 19th at 1101 South 2nd St. Louisville, KY

    As a celebration of the works of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
    we will host a MLK Day of Service Learning at our site (8am -3pm 1101 S. 2nd St. on the corner of St. Catherine)

    February 21st we will host a Big Love Community Dinner and Benefit (4-9pm at First Unitarian Church of Kentucky)

    February 22nd BRYCC Community Building & Conflict Resolution Workshop (time and location to be announced)

    Local volunteers from Americorps Vista, Service for Peace and Home Depot will be partnering with the Brick House Community. We invite you to take direct action and assist us in resisting elements of poverty, hatred and ignorance within our community by making our center a better resource for the Old Louisville Community.

    If you are interested in volunteering on Jan. 19th, the building will open at 7:30am Everyone is encouraged to visit each of the project areas and learn more about our collective communities.

    Our timeline of events is as follows:

    Glass Block Installation and Duct Work Repair 8am (materials and appropriate tool use)

    Wood Frame Construction and Drop Ceiling Design & Repair 9am (hammertime and metalwork repair processes)

    Framing as Greenovation Option and Insulation Innovations 10am (safety code considerations and renovation options)

    Decorative Resurfacing and Drywall Installation 11am (learn more about using plaster, paint and your own creative mind)

    Snacks and Sips at Noon (Vegans might need to plan ahead) We will review with skill share leaders and volunteers as a wrap up with a few words on the elements of Dr. King’s as it relates to Peace in our Community.

    12:30 -3pm Clean up and Open Studio Design time working with scraps and tools for individual projects and collective goals. Stop by and join the fun!

    All interested folks are encouraged to RSVP so that we can provide food and drinks. Contact: kristin 303-2497


    Natural Dyes and Mordant Making will be explored as a part of an ongoing Batik Exploration Series. Individuals interested in scheduling studio access and design consultation are welcome to inquire and set up a monthly calendar. Materials share and implementation of tools as instruction is also available.

    Mosaic Processes and Materials Exploration is set to be revisited… Anyone interested in some skill share time for Reclaimation Art and Assemblage is welcome to suggest a time to gather and meet for 2 hour sessions on a weekly basis. Several different processes and applications will be explored as a part of gathering found objects and experiementing with permanant applications and topical application.

    Drop a line and schedule a time….

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