JANUARY 2009!!  


*The New Calendars are out

*If you’re interested in coming to our meetings, email theline@riseup.net.

*Let us know what you can teach and what kind of classes, walks, things, etc. you’d like to see on the calendar!  To do this, just look under the tab on the right hand side that says “What is here?” and click on “skillshare databank”.  And read and post. 

*We have a microwave distribution project!  The idea is to use old microwaves and toasters paint them as a community of people who want to paint a microwave for the revolutionary purpose of non-hierarchical education (that means learning to learn from each other instead of explicitly from authority figures), distributing these all over town and then using them to distribute freeschool calendars, class information, and information pertaining to the Louisville Intercommunal Network for Education.


~ by louisvillefreeschool on January 3, 2009.

One Response to “JANUARY 2009”

  1. This is exciting, I heard that lots of people are taking calendars from the microwaves.

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