Tell us what works for you!

The L.I.N.E. needs to change thing up. Let us know what you think about the following ideas, or give us your ideas about a format that might work better than the one we are using.

Currently, we put out a calendar each month, informing folks what, when, and where classes are happening. With this format, we seem to scramble every month to get all the classes compiled and get calenders printed and copied around the beginning of each month. These calenders are one of the only ways classes are announced. Possibly as a result, attendance has been declining. Aside from encouraging teachers to advertise classes outside of the calendar, what can we do to keep people interested, and get new folks involved?

A few of our ideas…
Switch from a monthly format to a seasonal one. So rather than separate calendars for each month, there would be one for the Fall session, and so forth. This format has pros and cons. A pro being that as new classes surfaced through a season, teachers would be more apt to flyer on their own, and we could focus more on website enhancement, rather than calender making. A con might be that sometimes folks are hesitant to commit very far in advance.

Another idea is to move away from a grid style calendar altogether and switch to a brochure style trifold listing classes. This model would probably need to be updated more regularly, but would allow for frequent changes, depending on new classes etc.

Please comment with your thoughts. This freeschool is designed to be decentralized, and for that to truly work, more than just a few of us need to contribute.

Check back!!! This page will be updated as this conversation continues. Don’t hesitate to comment! This freeschool will be what the people working on it make it.


~ by louisvillefreeschool on August 26, 2008.

2 Responses to “Tell us what works for you!”

  1. I want to move to a seasonal format that focuses our info on this website.

  2. I think the best idea would be to do a seasonal calender. I like this idea because it takes alot less meeting time and hopefully people will be less stressed with putting out the monthly calendar.

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