Call for submissions

This site needs content, links, class descriptions, class page setups, art, pictures of free school events, ideas for other pages. any one want to edit or write ? contact… or else if you have content but do not wish to plug it into the site itself, leave it as a comment here, and we will copy and paste it onto the pages or as a post. If you would like to participate in creating this space but don’t know how, just ask, learning happens always. If you know a lot and have suggestions on how to improve flow and design… please…many cooks creates a tasty brew

pages that currently need content

  • Class pages
  • About the line
  • announcements and upcoming events
  • skill share page- The hope is this would be a classified page of sorts where you could post requested or offered educational swaps.
  • main page posts- interesting articles, news clips, rants, book reviews, essays, zine lists…………
  • kids page- trivia, links, art, stories, resources…..
  • links- places to find articls and research, How to’s, news…..(wide range if possible)
  • anything really just trying to set up some ideas.

~ by louisvillefreeschool on May 1, 2008.

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